5 Types of Macaw birds

One of the most prized pet birds, there are a variety of macaws, each with its different types of macaws and each has its own unique needs and quirks. Several macaws are endangered, with the hyacinth and red-fronted and blue-throated macaws Among the most seriously endangered. 

Although these charming, personable birds are understandably popular as pets, demand has threatened their number in the wild. Many macaws are illegally trapped in their forest and homes and they are sold. 

Most macaws are large and need a lot of social interaction. They are very high–maintenance pets. So let’s see some of them which are the best macaws. Let’s look into different types of macaw birds.

Blue and Gold Macaws

Blue and gold macaws

They are very intelligent and sociable, the blue and gold macaws grow to be quite large, measuring largely three feet from the beak to the tip of the tail. This is not a pet for a novice bird owner, it rivals a cat or a dog in its social needs. They are also very loud birds, and their vocalizations include flock calls that sound like screaming. They are also known to chew with their breaks when held in captivity. 

The reward for macaw owners willing to invest the energy is a pet whose lively personality makes it an excellent companion. Blue and gold macaws are also known as blue and yellow macaws bond closely with their human.

Greenwing Macaws

Greenwing macaws

The grenning macaw has a very sweet disposition, and reasons well to training. They will need attention and a time bond with their owner’s bit will thrive in a supportive environment. If you are considering this bird as a pet. This is friendly but it takes a little time.

Hahn Macaws

Hahn's Macaw

These are very little guys who are smaller than the macaws and are very easygoing. These little guys are the smallest of the macaws and are very easygoing. They are very social and intelligent. Hahn macaws respond quickly to training and dorm close bonds with their owner’s with their owners. 

 Hahn macaws scan become good talkers with practice. While they do exhibit many typical macaw behaviors such as creaming, they are a good choice for the bird lover that wants a macaw bit isn’t quite ready to take on a large bird.

Hyacinth Macaws

Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth macaws are the largest type of Macaw and arguably the hardest to care for. Because these birds demand more time and attention than other species. Hyacinth macaws are definitely not the right pets for new bird owners. Large and beautiful and intelligent but they can be quite alluring but are suitable only for pet owners with the right amounts of patience and devotion.

Hybrid Macaws

hybrid macaws

Hybrid macaws are unlike any other macaw species, bred strictly for color and pet quality. Because these birds are of mixed heritage and they possess the combined personality traits of the species that are crossed to produced them m only an experienced owner with a thorough understanding of Macaw behavior should consider a hybrid.

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