6 Facts about African Grey Parrot Facts

An old-world parrot is coming from the family of Psittacidae, one of the families of parrots. Its other names are African grey parrot, grey parrot, Congo African grey parrot as well as Congo African parrot. This species comes under the category of one of the endangered birds and is a native African found near the equators in countries like Congo, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Uganda, and others.

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  1. Mostly gray with black bills, the parrot is a medium-sized bird of around 13 inches. Some of them are even red.
  2. Grey parrot lifespan is about 40-60 years if in captivity. However, it may be only 23 years when living in the wilds.
  3. The birds are prey animals making them of somewhat secretive personality. The birds are also known to be having the ability to imitate around 200 sounds.
  4. These beautiful birds desire oil palm fruits. They eat fruits like bananas, apples, pomegranates, and vegetables like peas, carrots, kale, celery, and many others. They also eat flowers, tree bark, nuts, seeds along with snails and other insects. 
  5. Young parrots are more vulnerable to get infected than adult ones. They mainly get infections from feather diseases or psittacine break. The symptoms of these diseases include brittle bones, fluffy feathers, reduction in appetite, and sluggishness.
  6. Captivated parrots may also suffer from fungal or bacterial infections, tapeworm, bloodworm attacks, or even nutritional deficiencies.
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Being one of the most intelligent parrots from this species, the African grey parrot lifespan is considerably high.  The parrots have the intelligence of a 4 to 5-year old human. Their cognitive abilities are too high; they can memorize more than a hundred words, along with colors, objects, and different shapes. Not only this, but they also can add and remember sequence numbers, making them an incredibly unique species!

Apart from this, the incredibly intelligent grey parrots are very social and are petted by humans frequently. The animals are very notorious as they mimic the voices they hear around them without stopping. They are significantly sensitive and can get behavioral problems very quickly, like the plucking of feathers.


Once, a parrot was found lost but was returned to the owner after continuously repeating its owner’s name and address.

The African grey parrots are also good communicators because they not only mimick the human language appropriately but are also aware of what and what not to say in specific situations.

The main threat to the birds is humans. Apart from this, monkeys target the young ones and their eggs. They are also traded for harvesting, due to which their mortality rates have been very high. This is also the reason why the birds have become endangered over the years.

To summarize, the African grey parrot is beautiful parrot with grey and red-coloured feathers with high levelled intelligence and the ability to repeat typically everything said by a human.

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