About Amazon Parrots – Wonderful bird

The Amazon parrot, also known as the yellow-crowned Amazon parrot, is a native of tropical South America, Tobago, Panama. The Green Amazon parrot is found in the Amazon basin. It is a bird found in both dry and humid areas, i.e., the tropical forests. It is located in mangroves, Woodlands, Suburban areas, and even cultivated land areas in tropical forests. If we consider its range in the southern part, it isn’t easy to spot them away from Amazon’s rainforest.

If you spot them, you will always see them in pairs or groups of 30 or more Amazon parrots. One of the most exciting facts about these words is that they are very talkative, and they can break into a song.

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Life Span

Up to 30 years



Description of its Body

amazon parrot

The total length of its sub-species is about 13 to 15 inches. It has a green plumage body with a short tail and dark blue tips, just like other Amazon parrots. It has sections of dark blue and red colors that are faintly visible while the bird is perching. It has tail feathers with a red base, which can only be seen during normal viewing conditions in the wild.

The variation amongst the subspecies can be noticed based on the amount of yellow on the head. All the subspecies, namelyxantholaema, nattereri, and panamensis, have a white eye ring. They also have a dark Bill along with a large horn, which is grey. Also, on the upper mandible, they have a reddish spot on the body.

Differentiation between a male and female double-headed yellow Amazon parrot

If we have to differentiate between males and females, it isn’t easy to do so based upon the plumage as they do not differ based upon the plumage. The male Amazon parrot has been seen and has been described as a bird with flared-out tail feathers. The male Amazon parrot has been spotted while making sounds that are shrilling and sliding across the floor.

Eating Habits of the Amazon Parrot

Amazon parrots eat a variety of fruits, nuts, berries, and seeds. If the Amazon parrots consume Foods containing a high amount of salt and sugar, it can prove harmful for them.

Amazon Parrot Lifespan

It’s unbelievable, but yes, if its owner understands how to take care and takes utmost responsibility and maintenance, this Amazon parrot can survive up to 80 years. On average, the amazon parrot lifespan is more than thirty years.

Care Required for Survival by the Owner

To take care of the Amazon parrot, you should make sure that you give it some time outside the cage every day. It should be about 3 to 4 hours minimum. It is also essential for the bird to carry on its regular exercise, just like any other species. This exercise will help in keeping the muscles stretched and helping the excess calories burn. Also, the above things help provide mental stimulation to the bird, which is essential.

Amazon parrot types

The double-headed yellow Amazon parrot can be seen in a lot of species. Also, these birds are trendy pets and are available in different types. They are :

  • Blue-fronted Amazon parrots
  • Red-lored Amazon parrots
  • Yellow-naped Amazon parrots
  • Double yellow-headed Amazon parrots
  • Panama amazons
  • Lilac crowned Amazon parrot
  • Southern Melay Amazon parrot
  • Green cheeked Amazon parrots.
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