The Great About Blue and Yellow Macaw

The blue and yellow macaw is named initially because of its gorgeous blue body and dark lemon yellow chest; we can say that this is the bird that no one should miss. This macaw consists of a green strip of feathers just above its black beak and a clean face and blushes into pink color when getting excited. Its feet are colored with dark grey or black and have black-bearded feathers just below their beak. 

These blue and yellow macaws are native to south and central America, where they inhabit forests and woodland. Mostly these blue and yellow macaw bird ranges from Venezuela, Brazil, and Panama. 

In the wild, most macaws, including blue and yellow macaws, eat various seeds, plant material, fruit, and nuts. Most of these wild macaws’ diets seem to be high in fat, but it is acceptable for these macaw birds, which fly the whole day in the rainforest. The essential thing in these macaws’ life is dependent on the diet they take. If they take a properly balanced diet according to their body, they have more chances to live more happily and healthy.



Blue, Yellow




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Life Span

Up to 35 years




Blue and Yellow Macaw Personality

If a blue and yellow macaw remains healthy and follows a proper diet, it can live around More than 30 years, but the average age of living for them is 30 years in which it can reach sexual maturity between the ages of 3 to 6 years. 

After arriving at their maturity, the birds pair up and find more nesting places to begin their new partner’s life cycle. But, these blue and yellow macaws do not mate every year. This blue and yellow macaw can extend their lives up to 60 years if they are put in the zoo. The fascinating fact founded in 2011 stated that a blue and yellow macaw bird was founded live at 112 years in 2011. 

The status of all the wild macaw species is a concerned one. There is much news coming related to the existence of these species. 

Many are being reported that blue and yellow macaws are endangered. This thing has been coming with a true one. These species are mainly threatened by deforestation, hunting, and the illegal trapping of the pet trade, which is not a legal task to force. Poachers still target these endangered species for the criminal exotic bird’s rate.

 The blue and yellow long tail feathers and the beautiful large beak are not only the things that make a macaw parrot exotic or exist. Macaw parrots are the most effective and affectionate loyal pets ever. Their social and disposition makes them a very great pet. Sometimes, these macaws may act as a friendly dog, which resembles the owners. Their smartness, but these blue and yellow macaws are also being considered talkative birds, and they make several noises that will attract you to live your blue and yellow macaw bird for sure.

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