We all love to see some beautiful birds flying in the air every day in the morning. These small birds are so beautiful that they build their own nest for their children and work hard every day searching for food. There are a number of birds that are of different types or we can also say breeds. Like sparrows and ordinary pigeons, the cockatoo is also a type of bird. The cockatoo birds are monochromatic parrot species. They have different and stylish colorful feathers, which consist of a link, grey, and white.



Black, Gray, Pink, White


Medium, Large


More Social

Life Span

Up to 80 years




These small smart Cockatoos are mostly found in the regions of Australia, Guinea, and Indonesia. Although these birds are colorful and beautiful they are so wise in making humans fool. As a breed, they are known for being smart, clever, and curious. 

They want humans to be around them all the time so that they can get love. While these can be smart and clever, these creatures can be destructive and upset on another side. Cockatoo is a very local bird in their founded region. They don’t harm humans until the front one irritates them. Due to their aggressive behavior, the cockatoo is recommended for highly experienced owners only.

sulphur crested cockatoo

They can learn so human language or sign language but do not have the same ability as humans to speak, but when we talk about parrots most of them have some speaking ability. Instead of using words, they play an action to understand their sign language; sometimes, they scream loudly or sometimes change their position. When it comes to characteristics, you can also judge or tell its position by its crest, which defines that-

  • Raised crest- When cockatoo is excited or alert, they raise their crest.
  • Lowered crest- cockatoo feels simple and submissive or moving around happily.
  • Relaxed crest- the species is enjoying, eating, resting, or living a happy life.

Different cockatoo species have other characteristics, even lifespans also. White cockatoo is very difficult to find as they are less in number. When it comes to cockatoo lifespan or how long do cockatoo live, we can say that larger birds can live up to 80 years of age or more. With such a long lifespan bringing home or a cockatoo is a commitment for a long time.

The convention protects all cockatoo species except cockatiel on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora. The cockatiel species, mainly the white cockatoo, are covered by a sulfur-crested cockatoo.


If you are willing to pet these intelligent, clever and beautiful parrot species, you are best at choosing the best color of them you liked. Try to find a white cockatoo, which is so few in the market. Just remember, if you go with this cockatoo, you have to give them time and understand their simple to harsh language. As they have a reasonable life span expectancy, so you have to stick with a long commitment. So don’t wait for anything and buy cockatoo now.

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