About Finches Birds: Their living habitat and food

Finches are commonly known as companion pets as they have delightful sounds and social interactions, and in the case of the Gouldian finch, especially their dazzling coloration. They are mostly pet birds instead of preferring to be with others of their kind. Finch could be described as one of the hundreds of small passerine birds. Finches are ideal for those excited for a pet bird but not ready to take on the bird-like parrot.

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Life Span

Up to 10 years



Finch living habitat


Finches need spacious housing, and mostly as they are used to spend most inside their enclosure. These birds should, instead of having a trimmed wing feathers, kept on flying. As opposed to a vertical cage, it is favorable to have a horizontal cage for them. Finches are initially flocking animals and they thrive especially when they are housed with other kinds of finches. Remember not to shelter any finch with a parrot as the parrot can injure and harm a finch. If you plan to house the pairs of finches together, you need to be always prepared for the possible offspring, mainly if these finches are provided with a nest or maybe any nesting material.

Some of the finches can also be housed in same-sex pairs with a male finch with the other male finch or maybe a female finch with the other female finch to avoid breeding possibilities. Still, it can also depend upon the finch species and possibly the time of the year. Likewise, if you plan to keep a variety of mixed finch species, always consult an experienced finch breeder at first, as some of the finch species can be aggressive for other finch species, especially during their breeding season.

Finch food and eating habits

finches eating

Finches are commonly seedeaters and eat a variety of plant seeds, especially grasses. As season reduces seed availability, there are many times when the insects and indeed the fruits, berries, and vegetation will constitute the bulk of their diet.

Finch needs care


Finches can also be prone to air sac mite infection, especially when they are overly stressed. This is considered a severe medical condition that usually warrants immediate veterinary care for them. Finches can even be susceptible to the scaly facing a situation initially caused by a mite that presents as the white, and scaly areas are around the beak or the eyes. They can also be the legs, which even warrants a call to the vet. Finches can have overgrown nails or beaks, which should be addressed with an experienced bird groomer or the proper care vet.



Finches are not capable of emitting their ear-splitting screeches of parrots, and thus, they might be the right choice for those with close neighbors. Their vocalizations are mostly of the sound like ‘peep’ and can be ‘meep’, and these are typical sounds from the males. Their calls or songs can be persistent sometimes, and finches also spend a large portion of their day vocally communicating to one another.

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