About Sun Conure Bird

Birds are a beautiful creation of God and they bring peace and pleasure to every human’s heart. One very beautiful and unique member of the bird’s family is Sun Conures. Sun Conure birds are a type of parrots and are very vibrant in appearance. They have a very colorful body and this becomes a beautiful sight for any nature enthusiast.

Sun Conure wild

Sun Conures are also known as Sun Parakeet. They are native to South America and have medium-sized bodies. They are observed to be very energetic and enthusiastic. The grown-up male and female don’t have many differences in appearance. They appear to be quite similar to each other irrespective of their gender. The structure of their bodies is just like the bodies of parrots with dominatingly brilliant yellow plumage and the underparts and faces have an orange-flushed tinge.

Sun Conures are really wonderful species of birds and it’s fun and a pleasure to be around them. Talking about the nature of Sun Conures, they are very playful and display various antics and athletic tricks. They are very smart and catch things fast. People keeping Sun Conure birds as their pets really enjoy their phase of training. They are attentive and enthusiastic and hence learn commands of their masters rapidly. They are also very affectionate and reciprocate the love if they are treated with care and affection.



Orange, Yellow





Life Span

Up to 20 years




Sun Conure eating

Sun Conures are also referred to be very social and they like to communicate with members of their community or their masters. Sun Conures are also observed to be attention-seekers. They enjoy the undivided attention of their masters. However, Sun Conures have loud and high-pitched just like all the other parrots and at times their continuous rattles irritate humans. They scream a lot and their feelings is it excitement or fear are expressed via the loud and shrilling screams. They are very good at proving themselves for what parrots are known for mimicking. They can mimic many types of voices- be it easily pronounceable terms spoken by humans, the voice of buzzers, sounds of microwave alarms, ringtones, etc.

One intimidating thing about Sun Conures is that they can even bite if provoked. Sun conures get angry and irritated and this leads to them attacking the person especially children. This comes as one of the biggest cons of having a Sun conure. Hence it is advisable to keep children away from Sun Conures. They are quite vulnerable to them.

Talking about how long do Sun Conures live, we observe that there are no data available regarding wild Sun Conure’s lifespan. However, the Sun conure’s in captivity have been observed to have a lifespan of 15 to 30 years.

Sun Conures are a very loving and playful bird overall. They are loved by bird enthusiasts hugely and their actions can drive anyone crazy. Sun Conures have been declared endangered in a couple of countries. This is a major outcome of the loss of habitat and the continuous catching and captivation of birds for pet trading.

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