All about cockatiel Bird

The Cockatiel Bird or the weirdo bird (Scientific Name: Nymphicus Hollandicus) is a small parrot with its origins in Australia. They are great as household pets and are easy to breed. They are usually found in arid or semi-arid regions in large numbers. Wherever food and water are available, they move there. They are either located in small flocks or pairs. We are here to tell you all about cockatiels.

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Gray, White, Yellow





Life Span

Up to 20 years




There are not many, but only one type of cockatiel, Nymphicus Hollandicus, but they are present in several mutations or colors.

ordinary grey cockatiel

Ordinary Grey: it is the natural color of a cockatiel in Australia. They would have grey bodies but would have a bright yellow head and crest, while females would have paler heads and cheeks.

lutino cockatiel

Lutino: this is another classification, and they are white with a yellow head and orange cheeks. Both Lutino males and females are the same.

white face cockatiel

Whiteface: Instead of white, the area of the head is orange and yellow. Females, however, have no cheeks and have grey faces.

cinnamon cockatiel

Cinnamon: the bodies are more silver-brown than Grey, and females have no yellow on their faces but light orange cheeks.

pied cockatiel

Pied: This mutation type has patches of yellow and white. The National Cockatiel Society says that differentiation based on gender cannot be done.

pearl cockatiel

Pearl: The feathers are spotted with white and yellow color, and these spots might fade away as the cockatiel grows older


A cockatiel can be a great pet. Pet cockatiels are small in size, and you won’t have a problem even if you live in a small apartment. Along with this, you don’t have to fear to bite, and they mature quickly. Furthermore, they also are very gentle to handle and do not require high maintenance. They are very quiet and won’t create problems for you or your neighbors. Male pet cockatiels often learn a few words or phrases as well. These birds, like being touched, get their cheeks and their feathers rubbed.


  1. Pet cockatiels sometimes put their crest up whenever they see something new and put the crest down when they are frightened or angry. 
  2. Cockatiels quickly get depressed when they cannot see their owners for a long time.
  3. Their lifespan is from 10-15 years in the wild, while in captivity, it is 15-20 years.
  4. They are the most common pet parrots.
  5. Male cockatiels whistle and talk better than female ones.
  6. They can sleep up to 14 hours a day.

Pet cockatiels are very social birds and become unhappy if their owner leaves them alone for an extended period.

Final Word

Even though having a pet means increased responsibility, having cockatiels won’t be a hassle as they are extremely friendly and easy to clean. Not just this, they also love human attention. Lastly, they have an excellent ability to speak and mimic.

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