Difference between 22K vs 24K vs 999 Gold

Everyone is confused, which one should we buy 22k gold or 24k gold or 999 gold—one of the primary considerations in purchasing physical gold and specifically. Gold coins are gold Purity, and this is a little like debating Coke versus Pepsi. A lot of the input is based on personal opinion; there are objective pros and cons. Karat is a term used for Purity. It is always higher karatage, the purer the gold.

24K Gold

24k Gold

24 karat gold is also termed pure gold or 100% gold. This means that all pure gold without traces of any other metals. It most expensive kind of gold.

  Canadian gold Maple Leaf, the American gold buffalo and the American Gold Eagle. So let’s start with Canadian gold maple or 24 karat gold Maple Leaf. Now, this is the kind that began. The whole 24 karat gold bullion game in the first place was introduced in 1979, And before that, the only real game in town was the South African Krugerrand which, of course, was a 22 karat coin. This coin is four nines fine. So 99.99% pure, and it is, as it says, 1 ounce of pure gold. 

This is a coin that has to be kept in a capsule because it’s 24 karat gold. They will show handling marks. They’re straightforward to scratch them. They’re easy to ding or Dent, so they have to be kept in capsules at all times.

22k Gold

22K Gold

Six years after introducing the Canadian maple leaf, the US, Mint introduced the American Gold Eagle. This is a 22 karat gold coin like the South African Krugerrand. It is 90.67% gold. And then the remaining 8% is split between copper and silver. This coin is also government-backed. The gold content in this coin is the same as the gold content in the Canadian maple leaf. It just happens to have some silver in some Copper to make it a more vital coin to resist.

22 k gold jewellery defines that 22 parts of jewellery amount to the gold, and the balance two parts are some of the other metals. The additional 8.33% comprises metals like silver, zinc, nickel, and other alloys. It is this addition of metals that make the texture of gold harder and making the jewellery durable. They can be used in making plain jewellery.

How is Fitness calculated in the west?

 The karat is expressed. In Fitness, for example, 24 karat gold is defined as thousand Parts out of thousand, pure all Fitness, 1.000, 22 k is exposed as 22 and divided by 24 multiplied by thousand, which will give you a fitness of 0.9 166.

999 Gold

24 karat gold has the natural warm colour of pure gold, and its colour cannot be changed. Without any mixing, the Purity to less than 24 K. Other colours of gold can be made by changing the composition of a loyal in making the jewelled ring Pink gold. For example, it is made by adding more copper to the alloy composition of gold. Likewise green, gold is more zinc and silver, and white gold is more nickel.