Difference between LCD, LED, and OLED TVs

If you are planning to buy a TV, you must be confused about which TV panel technology to buy. There are two main technologies of the display, that is, LED-LCD and OLEDs.

What are LED and OLED? Let us see…

LED or light-emitting diode is a kind of display with is most commonly used in the market and people are most familiar with it; with LCD being liquid crystal display. Both LCD as well as LED are similar in the display. This means that both of them are the technology of display.

However, LCD now has become rather outdated and therefore, instead of LED, companies are manufacturing products with LED display technology. The drawback about this technology is that it takes up light from external sources instead of producing on its own. This leads to an increase in the total size of the product.

On the other hand, OLED is an Organic light-emitting diode. It is a relatively newer display technology used in phones, Iphones to be specific, as well as television.

Difference between LCD LED and OLED TVs

On the basis of Light

LCD-LEDs make use of blacklight which helps in illuminating the pixels along with the use of edge lighting. On the other hand, OLED screens produce their light along with sitting right on the side of the display.

On the basis of Brightness

Since brightness is an extremely important part while watching in low or high lighting, certainly, LCD LEDs have greater brightness as compared to OLEDs.

On the basis of Contrast

Unlike brightness, OLED’s contrast is better than LCD LEDs. When seen in a dark room, the pixels on an OLED screen pixel do not any light giving you a contrast ratio of infinity. Taking about LCD LEDs, You will be able to see black lighting in a dark room.

Not only this, the individual pixels in OLEDs can be switched off and on as per convenience helping to create increased brightness. Its panel is environmentally friendly as well, unlike the traditional ones.

On the basis of Viewing angles

As a result of its contrast ratio, OLEDs do not spread out the contrast of the screen while viewing from different angles. As compared to earlier, LCD LEDs now have improved their screen performance due to their in-plane switching, with improved viewing angles.

On the basis of Color

In the case of color, LCDs are better and provide brilliant colors that are natural as well as accurate. Whereas, OLED screens report issues related to vibrancy, and lack realistic colors.

Conclusion – Which one is better, LCD LED or OLED?

When comparing all the above-given points, it looks like LCD-LEDs are definitely better than OLEDs. However, these small differences can have a hug. Along with all this, LCD-LEDs are also affordable as well as have been in the market longer than OLEDs. 

Even though OLED is a more luxurious product as compared to LCD-LED, the latter is much more durable, better in quality, and reliable product having top-class features in almost all aspects.

In case you are tight on budget, whether while buying a phone, TV, or tablet, you should buy the ones with LCD-LED screens. However, if money is not the problem you can also opt for OLEDs. Although they have some low features when compared to others, it’s market is developing at a high pace, so it depends upon your preference.

Lastly, whatever you buy should be your choice in spite of everything.

We hope this article would help you in choosing wisely!