6 Best Tips How to attract birds to your garden

We look outside our windows to find peace; we wish to find something that will take away our mind, the unspoken worries, and desperation to find a solution for something unsolvable. Many use different sorts of mechanisms to cope with it but many just want to sit in their gardens to watch the birds, to feed them, to listen to the chirpy songs they sing. But sometimes it’s hard to allure birds to our unfinished garden.

birds sound

Here are some basic outlines that will help you achieve your goal. You must try to make your garden as beautiful, as green as possible, provide the right space for the birds, all the pigeons, sparrows, the blue jays, etc. you must be patient with the process, it takes some time to get familiar with anything for any species.

Feeding the birds is not the easiest process as it seems to be, it’s hard to find the right food that the birds would like. To know which bird, like what, you need to know the species, get familiar with them, and visit places to understand them. Now you must be wondering which birds would visit your garden and where to even begin? So here is a list of birds that are likely to come flying to the garden which feels home to them:  Sunbirds, Parrot, Green Bee-eater, Koel, Black kites, Myna. Bulbul, Tailorbird, Blue Kingfisher, Laughing dove, etc.

birds food
  • Remember that you have to take care of them, so grow those plants that provide the seeds and berries. 
  • It is better to grow the plants that you can, market ones might not be as reliable as you think.
  • Some birds like bulbul enjoy eating fruits such as papaya.
  • Mealworms are a good feast for the birds.
  • In winters, feed them crushed peanuts, which will keep them warm but that is only for winters. 
  • Bread doesn’t provide nutrition even though it can keep the birds full.
garden flowers

When you know the right food, that will keep them healthy and provide the nutrients, get a feeder and place it on that place in your garden, which is secluded so that the birds won’t feel uncomfortable or disturbed to come by.  Space should be clear from any bushes that could hurt those tiny new friends of yours. It is very important to keep the feeder clean, so do not forget to wash it regularly.

Perhaps you are finding it difficult to decide how to make your garden look greener. Here are some plants that you might want to add to your garden – sunflower, ivy, hibiscus, holly, lily, marigold. The berries from ivy and holly will last till winter. Add bright flowers to your garden that will provide you nectar, as well as herbs like mint and thyme. 

Keep a flat vessel filled with water for the winged creatures to drink. Remember to put a large vessel for birdbaths, it is a way for birds to drink water. This will surely attract birds to your beautiful garden. Wash the birdbath every two weeks at least.

If you are interested in building a birdhouse, that can provide rest and shelter to the birds, then surely it will help the birds to feel at home and they will make frequent visits to your garden. If you cannot build a birdhouse, it is easily available on market. 

So here are some simple ways to attract birds to your garden and these ways will not only allure the winged creatures but also make your garden look beautiful to your eyes. This might seem hard work to you but believe it or not, your hard work will pay off. And be patient with your efforts, it takes long enough to grow plants to see something that can make you happy and calm.

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