How to write MOM (Minutes of Meeting). Mistakes while composing MOM

What are MOM (minutes of meeting) ?

MOM ( minutes of the meeting) can be interpreted as the inscribed document of everything that is occurred during a conference. They are utilized to notify people who did not come or attend the conference about what went on or to maintain a record of what was agreed on during the conference so that you can reconsider it and utilize it to notify forthcoming decisions. 

Organizing meeting minutes delivers an inscribed record of what was decided at a conference. Reasonable meeting minutes instruct members what was concluded and what they require to obtain and by what time. When mom(meeting minutes) is obtained it runs records about assignments that people require to accomplish. If a work is not conducted then you can infer back to the mom meeting minutes and follow up on it. Without (meeting minutes), you have no opportunity if an activity was not achieved. In the terrible case, if mom (meeting minutes) are not jotted down you may be finished having to reiterate the conference.

What should you compromise when composing MOM (meeting minutes)?


The 5 steps that you must comprise are: 

  1. Pre planning
  2. Record taking at the meeting
  3. Transcribing or minutes writing
  4. Allocating or sharing of meeting minutes
  5. Storage of minutes for future reference

What is new to writing meeting minutes?


Whether you have been assigned with putting up with memos for a conference or you have been elected secretary to the Board of your company or group, preparing mom (meeting minutes) does not have to be a complicated assignment.

This catalogue of guidance on how to write mom (meeting minutes) was readied by Wild Apricot to assist the volunteers or faculty members of minor non-profits and membership institutions who may be current to the assignment of seizing and readying minutes of meeting for councils or Boards of Directors.

Please remark that since the style, format and content prerequisites for mom(meeting minutes) differ relying on the institution and the kind of council or Board, this article gives only common guidelines to assist to get you began.

What is the objective of the mom(meeting minutes)?


You should not be frightened by the phrase “minutes” since it is certainly a small fraud. Thereupon all your council or Board does not expect or require a record of its conference proceeding moment by moment. But it is significant to seize the importance of the conference, comprising features such as: 

  • conclusions made (actions made, votings, etc.) 
  • following steps scheduled
  • identification and pursuit of action commodities.

Minutes are a factual record of the conference for its partaker and a reference of data for staff who were incapable to attend the meeting. In some course, meeting minutes can behave as a reference level, for example:

  • when a conference’s consequence affect other collective actions or endeavours within the institution
  • minutes can assist to instruct (or remind) people of assignments allocated to them or timelines.

Does mom (meeting minutes) have to be ratified?

Just before you disseminated your meeting minutes (mom), make certain that the record retains studied and either modify or authorized the minutes for circulation.

They’re not an authorized record of a conference unless this retains seized place. Relying on your Board, mom may also be legally ratified at the outset of the second conference. 

Meeting minutes (mom) are significant, after all, they occupy the crucial data of a conference. But seizing and preparing minutes does not retain to be a difficult assignment. We wish this article enables meeting minutes beginners in making commenced in creating valuable meeting minutes for your institution or company.


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