Kitchen garden: Go green!

What is kitchen garden? We all live today in a concrete age where we are hardly in touch with nature. We like ourselves surrounded by buildings, shopping malls, offices, etc. But hardly take time out to spend time in natural surroundings. 

If you can’t go outside, then it’s the best option to get the nature inside in different forms. You could get back in touch with nature by having your kitchen garden.  Well, it would fulfil two purposes you can experience the therapeutic effect of nature on your kitchen garden and grow your vegetables. 

Having a small garden with organic vegetables can be beneficial for your health. Vegetables from your own garden are higher in nutrients because they are fresh. You can eat Vegetables and imagine the amount of money you could save by having a kitchen garden. So this is how you can get started with your kitchen garden

Table of Contents

Gather all materials you need

garden tools

So, first of all, collect everything you need like pots, Vegetable seeds, right kind of soil for all the vegetables you have decided to start with gardening tools, natural manure and cow dung if you have decided to keep it organic.

Plan a layout for your garden

layout for garden

Start by planning a layout on a piece of paper to decide how you could you places your pots. This needs to be done very carefully, keeping the drainage system in mind. You also need to check of shaded and sunny areas and design the layout accordingly.

Preparing the soil

preparing soil

Do not use typical garden soil for the vegetables. Instead, you should use a good quality potting mix which is adequately nourished. Prefer the organic mixture instead of chemically treated soil as chemically soil kills beneficial and reduces the nourishment of the vegetable.

Choose your planting containers

planting containers

You could almost use anything as a planter from the wooden crated to plastic bottles. And you can explore options like metal planters, recycled plastic planters, fibre planters or even grow bags.

Choosing the vegetables


Since it will be your first time, you can start with fewer vegetables at a time like one or two and make sure to pick good quality Vegetable seeds, so the vegetables grow healthy and happy. Best vegetables for your garden would be potato, beetroot, capsicum.

Plant hygiene pesticides

Planting pesticides

No matter what you do, pests are going to find a way out to your home and garden. So for that, you can use pesticides to keep them away, and you have to make sure you choose natural pesticides. It is easy to prepare pesticides at home, and you try that also. You need to make a mixture of baking soda, cooking oil, and water for this purpose, and then you need to spray it on plants to avoid infection.

Don’t let your plant remain Thirsty

plant thirsty

You have to take care of your veggies, just like you take care of a child. Watering them is the critical factor so make sure you water them regularly as when it is required. Make sure you don’t overeater your plants as we all know it can cause damage and decay the plant roots and make sure of that you manure before a heavy rainfall.