Know About Conure Bird Family

Conure birds are a diverse family of parrots sizing from small to medium. Their life span is 20 years and conures live up to 30 years when given proper care. They are found in the western hemisphere and have their origins in Central and South America. Most of the conure parrots live together in flocks of 20 or more birds.

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There are various types of conure. They include:

  1. Aratinga Conures
  2. Nandayus Conures
  3. Ognorhynchus Conures
  4. Leptosittaca Conures
  5. Conuropsis Conures (extinct)
  6. Cyanoliseus Conures
  7. Enicognathus Conures
  8. Pyrrhura Conures
sun conure
Sun Conure

The most famous amongst the conure family is the Sun Conure, due to its fantastic ability to be a companion. Sun Conures are very lively, expressive and vocal. They are recognizable by their bright orange and yellow feathers with spots of green. Not just this, they also have a black week, a long tail and a white ring around its eye. Sun conure is a very fun-loving bird and loves to play outside its cage. If given proper nutrition, they can live up to 25 years and regular veterinary visits and physical activity. If confined to small cages, they are very prone to becoming overweight.

pineapple conure
Pineapple Conure

Another extremely famous species of conure parrots pineapple conure. It is a variation of green cheek conure and is popular because of their size and unique combination of feathers that give them a very colourful appearance due to mutation between yellow-sided and cinnamon conure. Furthermore, pineapple conures are loved for their friendliness, playfulness, quiet nature and intelligence. They have their origins from South America are usually seen in flocks of 10 or 20. 

Their heads are tan-coloured along with yellow sides. With this, they have black beaks and light red or maroon coloured tail. Male pineapple conures tend to be more aggressive in general and are more adventurous as well, while females are move attention-seeking, loving, cuddling and sweet. 

This species of conures that is pineapple conures are said to be the quietest of all the conure species and can be kept in apartments. They can entertain their owners and guests for hours due to their dynamic nature. They can even dance, shake, kiss, hang upside down. In case proper attention isn’t provided to them, they become aggressive and start having behavioural issues.


  1. There are over a hundred species and subspecies of conure. The most popular species include the sun conure, jenday conure, green-cheeked conure, blue-crowned conure and Monday conure.
  2. Conurebird is an extremely social word and is well socialized, they can get along with many people.


Conures are great birds to have, and once you start loving them, they are very caring and entertaining. Plus, they are quiet birds and do not make a lot of mess. They are on the path of becoming a companion of a lot of people because of their loyalty and the love and care they show towards their owner.

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