India, as we all know, is known for its rich cultural and traditional diversity. The country is famous in every corner of the world because of its different folk arts and crafts or some particular dance forms. When we talk about the art of painting in India, it is a popular fact that traditionally many paintings were designed on the walls only. 

Still, due to the development of the world or urbanization, the paintings have been converted from walls to paper. Indian paintings are a perfect example of the actual meaning of art expression, so Let’s look at some best Indian art.

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Madhubani is one of the oldest and most famous paintings of India. The Painting is also included in the celebration styles of folk paintings of India. The Painting initially originated from the state of Bihar as wall art. Although the Painting was not officially discovered after the earthquake in Bihar, in unwanted research, the colonial of British Williams G. Archer found it while inspecting. The colonists were so amazed by the form of art and how the art was designed. 

Madhubani painting always denotes a special message in its drawings. All the symbols and designs included in that Painting are attractive and eye-catching. The color combination and simplicity are the significant patterns that make Madhubani a different form of Painting.


The Kalighat or Bengal painting style was developed in the mid 19th century in the Kali temple, which is located in the neighborhood of Kolkata. The drawing was made on paper by a group called patuas which is also a prominent reason it was named Kalighat pat.

 The Painting gives a message of everyday life meaning and a manner of rituals. The makers of this Painting used some great Indian colors like indigo, Indian red, grey, white and blue.


Phad is another prevalent form of Painting that is more famous in the parts of Rajasthan. The drawing tells the story of Babaji by Kalyan Joshi. The image was made on horizontal clothes. The story or the Painting shows the battlefields, some great romance stories, and the popularity of princely states at that period of time. 

The Phad painting is one of the best examples of how the traditional Indian painting makers design a beautiful painting by comprising the number of concepts in just one Indian Painting.


Warli Painting

Warli is another oldest and famous form of Indian art. The Painting is nearly 2500 years old, which tells about the Thane and Nasik area of Maharashtra and their social rituals followed in the respective cities. In addition, the Painting showcases the daily lifestyle activities of the people working in the sites of Maharashtra. 

It is a beautiful representation by the artist. The Painting beautifully showcases the work such as farming, hunting, and dancing, performed by the local people living there.


Venkat Raman Singh made a gond Painting. Gond Painting was made from joining dots and dashes, which were modest by the Gondi tribe of Central India. The tribe tries to recreate the mythological histories and traditional songs with some bright and great colors by this Painting. 

All the colors were derived from natural sources such as cow dung, plant sap, mid, flowers, etc. But compared to history now, the Gond artist now uses watercolors on paper and canvas to design this type of Painting.


The pichhwai art was specially designed for wall hanging Painting. Indian Paintings are always the best in the world. All the pichhwai paintings denote the story behind Lord Krishna. Pichai is a colorful and remarkable work of art with great artistic symbols.

This art has been passing for several years, and hope it continues. These paintings are never made on paper or canvas because they are specially designed for wall art.


These are some best lists of Indian art paintings; as told, India is always rich in its arts and crafts themes. The way all these paintings are designed is just phenomenal. There is so much handwork as well as the hard work behind all these extraordinary painting forms. It’s evident that Indian arts have passed through several difficulties, but now they are the best worldwide.

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