Top 6 Lord Krishna’s Favourite flower plants

Lord Krishna has become the puzzle in the Hindus region and is a belief to pray the positivity. He has mischievously been prayed to in ‘Bal Gopal” as the lover boy to all the Gopis in Vrindavan. He was a great reason and the solution for the great and famous Kurukshetra War of Mahabharata. He also had the crude politician saved by Yadavs from the wrath of Jarasandha. Lord Krishna is the avatar for Lord Vishnu, who is very fond of luxury and incredibly aromatic flowers, including jasmine, tuberose, etc. There are some of the scented flowers mentioned below:

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Jasmine plant

Jasmine all season flower plant

The Jasmine plant is initially a genus of shrubs and vines commonly found in the olive family. However, it genuinely contains around 200 species that are native to tropical and in the warm temperate regions like the regions of Eurasia and Oceania. Jasmines are of many varieties and are widely cultivated for their characteristic fragrance from their flowers.

Tuberose plant


The tuberose plant is a genus of herbaceous that grows from the underground tubers or also from its roots. They are initially produced on offsets. They are also slightly luscious. The inflorescence for these plants is a spike that has been reaching up to around 3 ft. (almost 1 m) high, with pure creamy white waxy beautiful flowers.

Passionflower plants

Passionflower Passiflora

Passiflora is a biological name for the passion flowers or also commonly known as passion vines. These plants are a genus of around 550 species in the flowering plants. The genus of the family falls under the category of Passifloraceae. They have primarily tendril-bearing vines, including some among them being shrubs or trees. However, they can sometimes be very woody or maybe herbaceous.

Butea-monosperma (Palash)

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Palash is a commonly used plant for worshiping Lord Krishna. Besides their usage to glorify, they are also helpful as a source of timber, medicine, fodder, and dye. Their wood is generally dirty, white, and mostly soft. Spoons and ladles are usually made out from this tree used in various Hindu rituals, especially to pour ghee into the fire.

Burflower tree (Kadam)


Neolamarckia cadamba is a scientific name concluded with the English word commonly named burflower-tree, Leichhardt pine, and laran. However, as per Hindi’s common name, it is called Kadam (or cadamba locally). These plants are the evergreen and tropical trees that are typically native to Southern and Southeast Asia regions. Its genus name honors the name of a French naturalist that is Jean-Baptiste Lamarck.

Water lily

Water Lily

Nymphaeaceae is typically a family for all the flowering plants, commonly named the water lilies. They live as rhizomatous aquatic herbs that grow in temperate and tropical climates all around the world. The family also contains the five genera for about 70 of the known species.


Lord Krishna is worshiped as a god that has been reincarnated in an avatar for Lord Vishnu. He is one who had always assured the followers by saving them from demons, negativity, and all the evil force every time they seem to appear for any harm or disturbing the mother earth.

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