Make dogs love you

 Dogs are human’s best friends. They are one of the most loyal animals who will love you more than they love themselves.  However, they might be a bit scared and fearful of you at the beginning, but once they start liking you, they will bond with you forever and never leave your side.

Physical Contact

Dog Physical Contact

Dogs love physical contact like patting their back, rubbing them gently. If you do this frequently all day, they will start liking you by waving their tail, making noise when you go near them, running and circling you.

Dog toys

dog toys

Apart from yourself playing with your dog, you should also provide them with dog toys which should be neither too small nor too big. It should not be small your dog might choke the smaller parts which can put them into trouble. You should also keep a check on the toys frequently for any tears, threads, or rips, so they do not choke your dog’s mouth.

Regular walks

dog walking

Dogs love roaming around in an open environment like parks or even streets. Take them for a walk at least once a day so they can stretch as well as play around. You can also play with them in the park with softballs or with small and soft tree barks.

Grooming and feeding

dog grooming

The health of a dog is essential. Hence, their frequent grooming, hair cuts, baths are necessary to prevent them from any infections. Regular visits to the vet are also important. Along with this, food given to the dog should be specifically prepared for the dog.

Caution: You should never give your sugary dog foods of any kind as it will irritate their skin.

Comfortable living space

dog living space

Provide your dog with a comfortable, relaxing as well as cosy private living space. It should have neat and clean covers, blankets. You can also put chewable toys there. The main goal is to make the space satisfying for the dog, so it feels loved and relaxed without anyone bothering them unnecessarily.

Help them socialize

dog socialize

Making your dogs greet other dogs will increase their trust in you and also make them happy. This will enhance their trust as well as bonding in you by making them feel in a safe and protected space.

Get down at their level

dog level

This means that when you are near your dog, or you are patting them, kneel and look into their eyes with love. Stay calm and touch their hands. They will sniff around, lick your hand and your face if they feel loved.

Final Word

Every dog is different. Making them love you can be difficult sometimes.

Nonetheless, the primary key to make your dogs love is by giving them love and affection, and you will get it back a thousand times more. You only need to take care of their needs, spend time with them, and engage in positive reinforcement. This way, you will fully earn their trust and have an enjoyable life ahead of them.

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