Make your home clean

Let’s see how to make your home clean. We all want dust free. Well, the secret is that there is no secret. You just have to follow a few simple cleaning and organizing habits, which have made my life easy and most importantly stress-free some of you must be already following these habits. If not, then try these habits and see for yourself if they make your life easy or not. So let’s look upon some minor things we can do to keep our clean home.

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No shoe rule at home

no shoe at home

The first and most important habit is to make a no-shoe rule at home. Well most of you already following this habit, but this is very important point which can really help you. Keep your home clean. Keep a shoe right at the entrance or at the foyer of the home. If you’re a person who finds it difficult to step their foot then always keep separate clean slippers for strictly home usage, which you should not wear outside. put Max all around the house in the areas like home entrance outside bathrooms in the kitchen and utility area. This way you leave no transferred us to come inside the house through your shoes.

Dusting habit

clean dust

A very simple easy-to-follow habit is a dusting routine to keep the house clean. One thing I would like to add here is to use a microfiber glove to ease your dusting efforts. Try to follow the dusting routine at least twice a week.

Use table mats or liners

table mat

Use table mats or drawer liners in all the drawers and cabinets to keep them clean and dust-free. It makes your cleaning routine easy and protects the surface from any accidental spillage or leakage. Also, use them in your fridge to keep it clean this way. Your fridge won’t get dirty frequently and any stains and spillages can be clean by just removing and then wiping the mats.

Use dustbins


Keep these dustbins all around the house. I have placed the spins in all the bedrooms and bathrooms to avoid littering. This is especially important for those who have kids as they tend to throw wrappers Everywhere by just placing a few extra bins. You can really save your time and cleaning efforts.

Arranging paper clutter

paper clutter

Paper clutter is the most annoying thing and every one of us struggle to deal with it, especially with Grocery and shopping bills as we keep them for at least a month in case we need them for exchange or return So to avoid the mess make a proper place to collect all the receipts and bills that can be one of the draws in your shoe rack or kitchen trolley take a zipper bag and label it properly and start storing the bills in it. This not only makes a place cleaner and Idea but also makes it easy to find any bills in the future. it to keeps your precious document organized

Use coasters


use coasters on the dining and coffee table to place glasses and cups with stains that leave marks and can be difficult to remove especially on the wooden surfaces. Clean up the mess immediately. If you see any spillages anywhere in the house, especially on the dining or coffee table clean immediately before it gets dry again dry stains are difficult to clean and waste your lot of time. So spending 30 40 seconds instantly can save you hours later.