Growing plants at home is never a bad idea, in fact, people specially buy decorative saplings and plants for their balconies. Gardening has nowadays become a very popular activity in every house. Growing plants is a good habit and work and everyone should do it for sure. Herbs and medicinal plants are always great things to grow on your balcony. Using these types of Ayurveda medicine at home is an amazing task. 

Growing Normal Daily needed plants for your home is an amazing thing but when it planting more and more medicinal plants at your home can help you to prevent a number of diseases and illnesses. Many of us don’t know the correct meaning of medicinal plants, so it can be said that medicinal plants mean a number of plants used in herbs which is basically a study of plants used for medicinal plants. So let’s know have a look at some of the medicinal plants that you can grow at home.

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Ajwain Ayurveda Plant

Ajwain is one of the basic things which every House’s kitchen needs once a day especially to put in dishes. The Ajwain plant is a plant that is a most demanded product when it comes to plants. These types of medicinal plants have amazing ridges and trimming too. 

The way in which Ajwain medicinal plants tolerate direct sunlight is just great and grow automatically in a nice condition. When it comes to the energy of these plants then it can be said that they have anti-bacterial functions which treat mostly all types of stomach problems like digestion, peptic ulcer, reduces Blood pressure and reduces cholesterol levels. 

Not only in medicinal plants but Ajwain is a type of plant which everyone asks for it on daily basis. Many times when we have stomach aches we take the seeds of Ajwain and after few minutes of which you can feel the difference in our stomach pain.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera again is one of the top choices when it comes to medicinal plants. Mostly most people use Aloe Vera plants to treat their face and to have a glow, but people don’t know it’s a number of benefits. It is one of the oldest known when it comes to medicinal plants. Some use it as gel and some use it as juice and both things have great benefits. This is one of the best and hugely used plants, especially in the medicinal industry. The extract of Aloe Vera is amazing in the skin healing process. It gives you a lot of energy when you drink a cup of Aloe Vera juice. 

Not only face healing process, but the Aloe Vera medicinal plant also offers you to treat skin injuries very easily. Reduces skin swelling, irritation, and many other things which other plants or medicine can’t do. It can be said that Aloe Vera no doubt is an amazing and trusted medicinal plant and you should definitely plant this type of medicinal plant at your home.


Giloy Plant

Giloy is again one of the best medicinal plants to grow at home. It is quite easy to grow Giloy plants at home, especially in a country like India. When the plant is small or sapling it should be needed in sunlight shade for growth and when it becomes a tall plant it should feel a mixed temperature which is only possible in a country like India. These types of medicinal plants are said to increase the immunity of snow individual’s body. 

During the COVID-19 effect, also people started growing a number of Giloy plants at their homes and started consuming them, which tells about the popularity and the powerful effects Giloy medicinal plants have and perform. Not only in boosting immunity, but it also helps to manage respiratory problems and to reduce diabetes problems.


Azadirachta Indica Neem

Neem has very bad taste, but some amazing benefits. If you want to grow a Neem plant in your home,  then put it under a high temperature or high sunlight. You should every time choose a pot with holes for some good growth of the Neem plant. Neem leaves can always use for a number of things. 

It helps to reduce diabetes, is good for health, makes the mental ability of an individual always positive. Neem oil is also an effective medicine. The plant can be easily grown on a balcony for 4-5 hours under a high temperature.

Final Words

When it comes to some best medicinal plants then everyone should definitely grow all these medicinal plants at their home for their safety and for their house member safety. All these medicinal plants like Giloy, Aloe Vera, etc. are very effective to treat with a number of problems. They can help you to treat major illnesses at home without spending a lot in the hospital. So try to plant all these basic and best medicinal plants at home. They all have a number of benefits and are good for an individual’s health.

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