There are so many different species in the world that exist now also. Parakeets are one of them, which is living over 30 years on another island. Most of the birds are native to central and south America. When we talk about parrot members, they include the macaws of America, cockatoos of Australia, and Australia’s parakeets, which also belong to Australia. Parakeets are small and little love birds from Africa and Australia, which respect their owner a lot in every manner. These small parakeets are also known as budgies. These parakeets are like other parrots; only they can be taught many words to speak. 

Most of these budgies are being sold for this speaking purpose only; people like this breed as they give response and respect to their owners. Parrots’ fundamental attraction is their very high complexity and intelligence, which makes them suitable pets. One negative thing about these parakeets is that they demand a lot of attention and love from their owner so that they can also respect them in the same order. 

These parakeets are most in number as approximately 1.4 million birds were imported into the country and in which more than 1 million were parrots. These small little species consist of two colors red and blue, green and yellow. The most popular parakeet is called a budgerigar or a shell Parakeet.


Before adopting any bird, everyone asks a question that what is the lifespan of the specific species. When we talk about parakeet birds, they are fragile and little creatures, but yes, like a parrot family, the parakeet lifespan is relatively longer than other small parrots. These species have a lifespan of about five years. For these five years, they have access to a proper diet, a safer environment, and adequate care are being asked. 

They don’t have any predators or competitors. Adding a parakeet to your family will surely be an excellent decision as it will brighten your day and fulfill your life with joy and entertainment. They produce different sounds at a time, and also, these small creatures know how to attract the owner’s mind and heart. 

The best thing I like about these parakeets is that they express their actions by their tails. If your budgies sound like he/she was screaming, that means he/she was probably expressing their fear or discomfort or sadness.

parakeets bird

Parakeets and parrots are small creatures or species of this world, and they are generally so cute and adorable. They have a very different bubbly personality, and some different abilities like to speak in human language and all. In India also budgies are being sold mostly as a pet because of their intelligence and trust. 

They have some basic things like their nails grow such a long day by day so they should be cut regularly, they should be given proper area to fly for their betterment and increase their lifespan. If you can provide your parakeet bird with this much comfort, then definitely you should adopt one!!

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