Every one of us loves to read books as same as we are reading this article. There are so many different books which wither give us information about things or provides entertainment with their emotions and adventurous stories. But despite them, there are some books which directly talk to your soul, which are also be known as life changing books.

These life-changing books are so less found, but it’s like a dream of becoming the truth when discovered. These books have so much power to change one person’s personality and characteristics by influencing them by their stories. So, let’s have a look at what are some good life challenging books.



Julia Cameron wrote the book in 1992, which is a very famous author when it comes to life-changing books. The author wrote the book, which explains the necessity or essential of a self workbook on creativity and innovative ideas. This book influences readers along with its spiritual content and artistic path. 

The book has some tasks to complete, making it more attractive for the readers to read this excellent book. The book has all the power to flip innovative ideas and creativity. The book defines Devine’s work and the artist’s way of writing this book.



As we all are aware of pi’s book life, it is another exciting book that should be told. Life of Pi is one of the best life-changing books; Yann Martel wrote it in 2001. In this book, pi Patel is the son of a zookeeper who has a great idea or knowledge of animals and exciting ideas about philosophy. When he migrates from North America to India with his family, their ships face many difficulties, and Pi finds himself alone on the boat with a hyena animal. 

Afterward, he follows the astonishing full story that he talks brilliantly with all the animals, and the cooperation level is explained very well. As we all know, this is not a spiritual book, but still, the book describes to believe in god and mother, which is the best thing about this book.



As the name suggests, this is the book all about the experiences. It is too one of those books that can change your life. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the author of this book, wrote this super fantastic book in 2013. The book is all about the past two decades, revealing the flow is everything that makes life experiences genuine and satisfying. The reader reading this book should have a lot of concentration power.

The book classically touches the heart of the readers by its family art and experiences. The book will be an essential part of your life as it will tell you that when you are happy or sad. It can be clearly said that it is one of the best inspirational life-changing books.

Final Words

There are so many other books that come forward as the life-changing aspect for you. I’d have already read these books, and you can also go with the time traveler’s wife, food rules, and performance notes. These are some of the best books which make your soul directly connect with the words of these life-changing books. The person reading inspirational or life challenging books should have a lot of concentration power so that he/she can focus on the words entirely. If you had not read any of the books mentioned above, then read it now and then understand your experiences.