Spiritual Places in India: Everything you should know

India is well known for its rich heritage in a diverse range of historical spirituals and regional beliefs. Their traditions and places of worships are hereditary carried with our ancestors. These spiritual places form India an arguable and even the most unique country filled with many cultural beliefs to visit and explore for others. There are so many spiritual places in India to explore and can seem overwhelming with Indian culture.

Table of Contents

The city for lord shiva “Varanasi”


Varanasi is well known for the holiest site for both Hindu and Jain. Varanasi is located at the Ganges in the Uttar Pradesh state. Popularly called as ‘The spiritual capital of India’ and believed as founded by Lord Shiva. 

  • It is believed by our ancestors that anyone that if anyone dies in Varanasi, they will be released from the cycle of rebirth. 
  • The Ghats are an important place to visit in Varanasi’s spiritualism as they are designated primarily for any puja ceremony. 
  • There are almost 23,000 temples found across the city for worship.

Spiritual capital as “Bodhgaya”


Bodhgaya is recognized by our current Indian Prime Minister that is ‘Narendra Modi’ as the ‘spiritual capital’ for our country. Bodhgaya is acknowledged as the place where Gautama Buddha enlightened the beginning of a religion well recognized as Buddhism. 

  • It is an important pilgrimage site for Buddhists to worship from all over the globe. 
  • The Bodhi tree is represented as the site of the Mahabodhi Temple complex, which has now been acknowledged by a UNESCO World Heritage site in the year 2002. 
  • Bodhgaya is a small city which is located near the bank of the well-known river “Niranjana” in the state of Bihar. 
  • The town was built around the problematic area, with recent developments of any Buddhist temples and monasteries formed via Buddhists with different countries. 
  • These temples are reframed to reflect the other state, and they are Thailand, Tibet, Bhutan, Japan, Sri Lanka and China.

Wonders with “Golden Temple”

Golden Temple

Amritsar is known as the area filled with most of the spiritual and cultural centre, mainly for the Sikh religion in India. It was renounced by the fifth Sikh Guru that is Guru Arjan Dev Ji and built the Golden Temple, also known as Sri Harmandir Sahib.  

  • The temple is designed with golden colour in the middle to reflect the lake it is surrounded with. 
  • There are four entrances with each one facing in its direction, providing the people giving an excellent speech of life that all religions are heartedly welcome to enter the beautiful golden temple.
  • Around 10,000 people make their visit to the temple each day. Some of them are considered as the locals and others that travel specifically to explore and spend time in there.

Land with Krishna “Mathura”


Mathura is known as the seventh-place for holy Hindu cities of India. The city was developed with the ancient recognized Kesava Deo Temple, which was formed on the site to acknowledge Lord Krishna’s birthplace.  

  • The temple is recognized as the Shri Krishna Janmbhoomi complex commonly as the birthplace for Shri Krishna. 
  • There are many other religious and spiritual sites to visit and explore in Mathura, comprising the other temples commonly known as Naam Yog Sadhna Mandir, Shri Bankey Bihari Mandir and even Jama Masjid. 
  • The city is renounced as by the name of Vishram Ghat, which is where Lord Krishna shifted after killing Kansa, his mama.

Blessed with Ganga Maa “Rishikesh”


Rishikesh is commonly known as the Yoga Capital of the World, which is nicknamed after Yoganagari.  It is even renounced as the ‘Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas’. The primary reason is that it sits into the foothills of Himalayas. 

  • Rishikesh is known as one of the holiest places in India for Hindus. 
  • Since the ancient times, it has been renounced as when Hindu saints came here to gain any spiritual knowledge. 
  • Recently, it is well known among the yogis from all around the globe that come to learn and understand yoga, and to meditate or even take a dip in the holy river cleanliness of the soul that flows throughout the city. 
  • Being a holy place, Rishikesh is recognized as a vegetarian in the matters related to food and is even non-alcohol city representing its religious significance.

The wonder of the south “Tiruvannamalai”


Tiruvannamalai represents as home to one of the most significant shrines located in India as Annamalaiyar Temple. It is located basically at the base of the Annamalai hills presented in Tamil Nadu on a covering almost 10 hectares of land, representing and achieving as one of India’s largest temple. 

  • The temple represents Shiva’s deities and is an important holy place to visit for the Hindu to describe the act of Saivism that is associated with the five essential elements of life. They are wind, water, fire, earth and space. 
  • There are shrines throughout the complex of the place, including halls as well as towers. 
  • The tallest tower is located at the very east end, boasting around 11 stories and a height with 66 metres. 
  • Mount Arunachala is a quiet place that locals mainly call it as the ‘most silent place presented on earth’. 
  • It gives off the most potent energy helping the place to remain quiet the mind. 
  • It is commonly denounced as the right place for meditation.

The palace of lord shiva “Haridwar”


This ancient city is located as along with the flow of the River Ganga with 123 kilometres from its source at the bank of the known Gangotri Glacier.  It is considered as one of the holiest places for Hindus because drops of Amrit recognized as the elixir of immortality that was accidentally spilt.

  • This is recognized in Hardiwar within every 12 years while a religion known as the Haridwar Kumbh Mela. 
  • When people visit to explore the city at this time, they always take a dip in the waters to wash away the sins of their soul and clean it. 
  • Also, there are numerous of other holy sites presented around the mountains in the city, including Mansa Devi Temple and Chandi Devi Temple.

 These were the top 7 spiritual places that you can visit, so just pack your bags. Keep all the necessary things and set yourself to enjoy the best spiritual places in India.