What is Kundalini? Signs of Kundalini Energy.

Kundalini is a very common kind of divine type of feminine energy which is commonly located at the base of the spine of the people. It is a very essential concept and is believed to be a force or power associated with the formless aspect of the Goddess and also the divine feminine. This concept is very much associated with the Adi Parashakti as well as the Parvati. It has been adopted into various forms of Hinduism, new age thought as well as spirituality.

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Various causes of Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini Awaken

The awakening process is very different for different people. For some, it may happen after several years of cultivating a good spiritual practice, meditating, doing various forms of Kundalini yoga. It can also happen with no prior pieces of training.  

It is a very automatic thing that just happens. It can also happen under any type of spiritual discipline and also in different styles of yoga. So seeking out is not an option for you. The gurus do not teach people to raise their Kundalini energy and also they don’t think that people should attempt this thing in their life.

Various Signs that you are going through it

  • You have a good feeling of freedom and also a sense of relief which ranges from the ego and also from the material realm.
  • You very much feel euphoric at the moment and also have a sense of the resounding peace. 
  • You are able to transcend the dual nature of the mind and also are able to see that people are able to create their own sense of reality.
  • You also feel compassion as well as love for the very many things surrounding you. Hence you reach a stage where you create your own reality and also a sense of achievement.
  • Your mind is much more still and also possesses a new reality.
  • Your mind is also able to observe and witness as well as discern.
  • Your creativity also surges. 
  • You also have a very much increase in empathy. 
  • You have trouble sleeping and you also feel a certain level of heat in the spine. This shows a rising Kundalini energy. 

Various pros as well as cons associated with the Kundalini awakening


  • This can bring you to the level of self-realization. This relates to the self-realization of the soul as well as the immortal being.
  • You may also reach a level of resounding love as well as a state of bliss. 
  • You may face an increased level of creativity as well as the increased level of compassion.


The various cons that are associated with the Kundalini awakening are 

  • An accidental Kundalini awakening may not raise your consciousness. 
  • Kundalini awakenings are different for different beings. Some people may feel that it is a very bad drug as well as psychosis.
  • In a known body that doesn’t possess a clear chakra. Very unpleasant physical symptoms are bound to arise in life.

The common practice to largely cultivate the Kundalini energy

The attempt to achieve Kundalini should not be your ultimate goal. Your goal must be to become a self-actualized person. So don’t try to raise Kundalini’s energy on your own; there should be a guru present there to guide as well as support you. If people try to raise the Kundalini on their own then they may feel the development of the stiffening feeling in their body. They may feel a sense of the heat in their back portion. Hence they face various kinds of physical reactions.


Seeking is very important when you wish to achieve and go on a spiritual journey. While this thing may sound amazing as well as mystical it can be also overwhelming if you are not at all prepared for it. 

So getting very much prepared for this is a very important task and must be taken care of. Do focus on enriching your wonderful life. Don’t try to experience this just for fun. It is a serious thing that should be achieved under proper guidance.


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