UPDATE: Windows 11 Microsft Official Launch Event on 24-Jun-21

The Wait is over and Microsoft Officially announced Windows 11 Operating System:

windows 11

We have seen the leaked version of Windows 11 and it did not have any major difference between Windows 10 and Windows 11. The Same glassy theme across the software like the taskbar, window style, and settings no much different. The change is they made a new taskbar centered and introduced an action notification panel.

Let’s see the Official Announcement from the Microsoft Launch Event which happened on 24th June 2021.  The Event Started which Company’s Chief Product Officer Panos Panay. He started with Journey of Windows and how windows help people to connect, Work and Learn, etc.

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Will Windows 11 a free upgrade?

New Windows 11 would be a free upgrade for Windows Genuine license holder. We have to wait and watch to get some more information from Microsoft that when the updates will rolled out.

New Windows 11 Features

new start menu windows 11
Image source: Micrsoft.com

New Start Menu: As we saw in the leaked version, windows have brought a new start menu that is on centered by default like mac operating system. and the user has an option to make the taskbar left side. It looks cool.
Beautiful Transition: In the event, they showed the preview of transition between the taskbar icon which was fluid and light.
Dark Mode: They have improvised the dark mode theme to read the content more readable and practical.
Snap Layout: Now User has the option to choose their favorite window snap layout, which will help the user to do multitasking, even more, faster, and Look at different stuff without any switches.
Cool Animation: Windows 11 has new animations for minimize and maximize which is eye-pleasing.
New Widgets: This is something we have to check and how far it is useful for all kinds of people. New widgets have news feeds, personalized content with AI, User can open this widget to take a break from work and read the feeds. you can maximize the widgets without disturbing your work.

Faster: It was also mentioned that Windows Hello and Sleep to wake will be faster. we have to see this performance live.
Dual Monitor Docker: If you work with a dual monitor and one monitor you may have some apps opened and another monitor can have some other apps opened. Now windows 11 will remember your Opened Apps on both monitors and if you disconnect and connect again to the second monitor you will find that all the Apps are opened as it you left.
Microsoft Teams Integrated: Now Microsoft Teams will be installed in your windows 11 operating system. it has an icon on the taskbar for quick replies to the messages or views messages.
Android Apps to Windows 11: Now Windows 11 can run Android Apps on their PC or Windows Tablet.

New Windows 11 Widget

New Windows 11 widgets
Image source: Micrsoft.com

New Windows 11 Snap Layout

Snap Layout Windows 11
Image source: Micrsoft.com

When it will be available to Users?

This is unknown that when the user can finally buy or upgrade the Windows 11 Operating System. We have to wait a little more time and use the new Windows 11.

Final Word

Windows 11 has got new software enhancement and they designed the window 11 keep in mind that it would be more practical for any kind of users. But when we compare windows 11 with the previous version of Windows 10 we don’t get any appearance changes as we had from windows 7 to windows 10.  It will be a bonus for all windows 10 users since we get a free upgrade to Windows 11

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