Step by Step Yoga Core Strength Building

Yoga is considered to be a miraculous practice that you should do every day because not only it will help you in developing lean muscles but also you will be able to develop your core strength. A lot of people prefer gym workouts over yoga but this is not the right approach because yoga can be very beneficial to you if done correctly. Yoga helps you in building up your core strength just by organizing your body in such a way that it helps you by utilizing your own weight

The main focus of yoga is on the way we breathe and it is the most important component which helps us in coordinating with our core strengths. Let’s take an example and consider the torso of our body as a cylinder. When we inhale some air, it tends to soften and lengthen but still, it keeps up the length and after this when we exhale, it tends to reduce its firmness and narrow the center point of the body. This is the most important pressure that your body needs which helps in the activation of your muscles.

When we talk about building up our core strength, it includes a lot of parts like the front and back of the body. Not only this but it also includes the iliopsoas muscles and the pelvic diaphragm. We do not consider the core strength of a body in a specific muscle but we consider a group of muscles together which function together in such a way that it is supportive to your pelvis and spine area. This support helps in providing stability and balance to your body and also generates a lot of power so that you can easily lift your body and then move your body as a functional unit.

Table of Contents

List of the core muscles that are a part of your core strength building

  • Front Body
  • Back Body
  • Side Body
  • Hip flexors

This is a step-by-step core strength-building process that you can follow and we are sure that you will definitely be able to see amazing results if you follow this Regimen every day. Yoga is all about challenging yourself for trying out something new and with all the exercises given below you can always test out your body by challenging yourself with various variations.

Cat-Cow Stretch

Cow Cat Stretch Yoga 1
Cow Cat Stretch Yoga 2

This is a very easy asana where you simply have to begin with coming on oil force and bringing your knees under your hip area. Your wrist should be under your shoulder. You can consider this as a warm-up exercise and do not forget to inhale while arching your back and exit when you round your spine.

Hands and Knees Balance

Knee Balance

Hands and Knees Balance is one of the best opportunities which helps you in developing a good strength in your obliques. While practicing this you should always return to your knees and hands along with your spine in a position that is neutral.

You have to lift your right leg and then straighten it in such a way that it becomes parallel to the ground. While doing this you have to completely flex your right foot. As soon as you start feeling stable with this position you have to start raising your left arm and it should also be parallel to the ground in a similar way to your right leg.

Plank Pose

Plank Pose

If you believe in a complete hardcore workout then you can always try out the plank pose because it is beneficial in strengthening your external as well as the internal muscles of the abdomen.

Your main focus should be on bringing your navel towards your spine. Plank pose is not an easy pose and it requires a lot of practice and while practicing you should try to pay attention to the position of your body, especially your hip because you would not want your body to sag down. The challenge is to try and hold this pose for at least four to five breaths and you can keep increasing the breaths with time and practice.

High Lunge

High Lunge​ Core Strength

The strength of your thigh and legs is very important and the highlands pose will help you in keeping you upright. Your main focus while practicing this post should be that you have to try to pull in your navel while you hug your ribs towards one another. This helps in strengthening your obliques externally as well as internally. When you practice this pose you have to come back to the pose of a downward-facing dog and then maintain your position for at least five breaths.

The next step is to bring your right foot along with your right hand and then bend your right knee by aligning it over the right ankle. You also have to make sure that the position of your right thigh is parallel to the ground. You have to then raise your arms upwards and try to remain in the same position for at least five breaths.


As a beginner, you can always support yourself by placing your hands underneath your hips or supporting your body somehow, but it is always a good idea to keep challenging yourself as soon as you practice each day and increase your breath cycles. The more you practice, the more you built up your core strength.


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