Yoga keeps you fit, yoga keeps you healthier. It is the most traditional way of relaxing our minds that we are being done for many years. Not only in India, other countries have also started adapting yoga, and this is purely a significant achievement. 

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Technically is an ancient art that combines mind and body. It is a type of exercise we perform by balancing the body elements. Yoga helps to keep control over our body as wee as on our mind. Yoga is being defined as an exercise used to release stress and anxiety from our body and concentrate. 

Not only up to this, our nation every year celebrates yoga day on 21st June to get people aware of yoga so that everyone can perform it with peace and harmony.

There is numerous yogic Asana that helps an individual to let a happy and long life. A person who does yoga is the safest person as he can lead a wonderful life with good health and fitness.



It is the most followed Asana in yoga. It is a pose that resembles the rising head of a cobra. This Asana is very well known for its ability to improve the lower back, shoulders and chest. A person suffering from back pain, shoulder pain should regularly perform this Asana in the morning. This is defined as the most effective Asana given health and fitness.



Amongst the most famous and easiest of yogic Asana Shavasana is one. This yoga Asana is meant to be done at the end of regular or daily practice. This posture involves lying down on your back and breathing firmly. Shavasana is an excellent asana that helps in curing insomnia, constipation, eases stress and anxiety. 

Not only this, but Shavasana also helps in relaxing the whole mind and body and releases tension all over the reason. The Asana is suitable for everyone who has some mental pressure.



It is another useful asana in yoga that will improve your health and fitness for sure. Paschimottasana is a well-known asana of yoga, which also helps provide flexibility in the body, which results in a useful fitness component. To perform this Asana, sit up straight with your legs stretched forward. 

Extend your hands up with your palm facing each other and then exhale and bend forward with your lower back placing your upper body. You have to keep your knees straight and hold your heels with your palm. Try as much as possible to reduce the gap between your stomach and thighs.



Mountain pose is a fundamental and straightforward asana of yoga, mostly practice at the starting of Surya namaskar. Tadasana can have a very beneficial empowering effect. 

To perform this Asana, you need to stand straight on your toes, then stretch your hands up facing your palm each other and then stretch your whole body facing up. This pose will not only make you feel more robust but also helps in increasing blood circulation, reduce mental tension and helps you feel relax and refresh.

Final Note

These were some most effective and most comfortable asanas perform in yoga for improving health and fitness. The practice of yoga keeps your mind fresh and relaxes your body. Everyone should regularly perform yoga so that he/she can also live a good, healthy and fitness life.